Why most people should use reusable straws

Why Most People Should Use Reusable Straws

A while back I went into the city center with some friends to get some drinks at a cafe. I wanted an ice tea and so I ordered: ‘Can I have an ice tea without a straw please?’. The waitress looked at me strange and so did my friends. But why is this so odd? Why do I need a single-use straw? For me there is no added value in this. I think it should be the other way round, people who need a straw should ask for them. In this post I’ll tell you why most people should use reusable straws.

Random Straws

I think it’s all random anyway, when I get a straw or not. When I order a coke, I don’t get a straw. When I order an ice tea, I do get a straw (and usually a tonic stamper too for the lemon). Why? I personally don’t really get it. And why do people who don’t need a straw still get one without asking for it? There are exceptions, I know. People with any sort of disability may need a straw. But still, nobody should use single-use straws, there is any alternative. I mean, haven’t you seen the turtle video?

Reusable Straws

Some people think single-use straws are fun, I get that. They look fancy on cocktails and all that. But plastic isn’t fun, at all. That’s why you can make a switch: reusable straws made out of stainless steel or bamboo! The same fun of straws, but then without plastic. Great idea, right? The stainless steel ones can be bought at Dille en Kamille (A Dutch store). But remember, secondhand is always better! So if you can, buy them secondhand.

That’s great for at home, but at a restaurant or cafe I try to ask the waiters. But recently I realized that’s not enough. I can ask them, but I should ask the owner of the cafe. They are the ones in power and so they should change. As a little part of activism, I try to send e-mails to the restaurants and cafe’s. Will you do the same?

Why Should I Use Straws?

Most people should use reusable straws. I do understand the choice to use reusable straws in general, but they should be offered only if people ask for it specifically. I have read that it’s better for your teeth to use a straw if you drink any kind of soft drinks. And good teeth are important! I usually drink water and so I mostly don’t need reusable straws. But whenever I attend a party, I would really prefer reusable straws. Besides that, if I bring my own reusable straw or ask for them, it starts a conversation. I hope that when I ask for no straw or a reusable one, people start to think? Why are we using single-use straws?

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