Zero Waste Clingfilm

Zero Waste Clingfilm

Clingfilm, one of the most popular items (popular makes it even sound like a wonderful thing haha) within the category of disposable products. It doesn’t align with a zero waste lifestyle at all. The idea of clingfilm is quite brilliant. If you have food leftovers, you don’t have to throw it away, you can eat it another time! The idea is brilliant, yes, the execution not so much. For every bit of food waste you save, you make plastic waste. Today I want to talk about the zero waste clingfilm!


The cheapest and easiest option for right now are dishes. You might not think of it right away, but you can use dishes as clingfilm. You can place certain products upside down on a plate. This goes for lemons, avocados, limes and onions for example. Anything with a flat surface. You lay it with the ‘open’ side onto the plate and this way it’s all good. Now. I hear you think: I can’t place leftover salads or pasta upside down. Right. These things you can put in a bowl and then place a plate over it. This method is cheapest because you don’t need to buy anything new, you can use the things you already have! However, it isn’t the most minimalistic option if you have a lot of food waste.

Bees Wraps

If you don’t like using dishes, there’s another option. Vegan bees wraps! This is the newest option. There used to be only bees wraps available, but those are not vegan. And since I thrive to be vegan, I chose the newest version, vegan bees wraps! They function just the same as plastic clingfilm. The difference is that they’re reusable. They’re available in different sizes and that’s very convenient. You unfortunately can’t put them in the washing machine along with the laundry because then the special layer that keeps it flexible will go off. Yet, you just need to wash gently with cold water after use and they’re good to go again! This option does require buying something unfortunately, since I don’t think you can find them secondhand (I didn’t). People use them up until they break.


Last but not least are silicon plates for over your food, which works basically the same as the vegan bees wraps but then these are made out of silicon. I unfortunately haven’t tried this option yet, so I can’t recommend it. But the option is there! If the options above don’t work you can try this.

So many options! Do you use zero waste clingfilm?

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