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I think you’ve noticed by now: I am an entrepreneur! Wow. That sounds so fancy. And it is! I have started my own webshop for package free groceries in Enschede: Loose, to do something about our big problem with waste. It has been fun, exiting and scary at the same time. Currently I am working on promoting Loose some more, because it’s necessary to get more customers. One of the things I now do: hand out business cards! I’ve made them myself and in this blogpost I’ll show you how to make zero waste DIY business cards.

Why business cards?

I used to be against business cards, because I thought they were quite useless for my business. Loose is a webshop for package free groceries, so the idea is to create less waste. Why would I then hand out business cards which always end up as trash? That’s the way I thought. But, over the process of starting this business, I’ve realized they’re necessary. Especially now, when I’m still small and am looking for new customers. My webshop is online, so it’s not something people see easily, like regular stores in the city centre. An online shop really needs promotion to make this thing work. So, my opinion has changed and I do want business cards. In the end, it’s for the bigger picture (promoting the zero waste lifestyle).

Sustainable business cards?

Even though I wanted business cards, I didn’t how just yet. I don’t want to cut down trees for my business cards (which is usually the case). But then, I found out about how AwkwardDuckling is making her business cards on her blog. I was enthousiast right away! So, all the credits for this idea go to her! She even gave me some awesome tips in the process. As I said, this isn’t my own idea, but I did think it was so good I wanted to show you on here and share a blogpost on this.

Business cards out of trash

Tessa’s (from AwkwardDuckling) idea was to make business cards out of trash! And that is such an good idea I find. There’re two reasons for that. One. There is no new paper needed in the process, no need to cut down trees just for me! Two. I’ll give trash a new life! So, it does not go to the recycling bin just yet, it gets another life. Great! I’ve used cardboard trash from our household to make the cards. Most people have some cardboard paper waste, even if you live a zero waste lifestyle. And if you don’t, you can use someone else’s trash! Even better I think.

‘The 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot’. Reuse comes before recycle.

How does it work?

Step 1: Cut out some cards out of cardboard trash. You can use a customer card, credit card or just your debit card. That size is exactly right for the cards.

Step 2: Design your own stamp to stamp your cards. I’ve used the program Canva for this.

Step 3: Order your personal stamp with the design you’ve made. Myself, I ordered the stamp at, because it was the cheapest one, even thought I was very unhappy with their service. I chose a wooden stamp, to avoid plastic and make it long lasting.

Step 4: Order ink. With my stamp at Drukbedrijf came a ink box right away. It is in black plastic box. For now it is okay, because I needed the stamp in a hurry. But next time, I’ll go looking for ink that’s sustainable and not in a plastic box. If I’ll find one, I’ll post it here.

Step 5: Go stamp the cards! 

Tadaaa, there you go. Your own personal business cards! As you can see the back of the cards are very random, because they’re made out of old products. I am very happy with the result. Even though it wasn’t completely zero waste because of the stamp and ink, I think it was the best option. No new cardboard is needed and hopefully the stamp will last me forever. And if it doesn’t, it’s made out of wood, so that’s good. I am so happy with the result! I’m very ready to promote Loose.

What do you think of this method to make zero waste DIY business cards?

Yours sincerely,

11 thoughts on “Zero Waste DIY Business Cards”

  1. Heel mooi idee – en inderdaad super om het papier te hergebruiken! Je hebt trouwens ook van die stans-patronen waar je zo’n kaart mee uit kunt knippen in ÊÊn slag – gaat een stuk sneller, denk ik. Voor als je er straks honderden moet doen 😉

  2. Leuk! En gefeliciteerd 🙂
    Ik heb het stempelidee ook van Tessa gejat. Daarbij heb ik nu groeipapier, want zaadjes, zaailingen, ik moest wel! Dat is alleen niet superhandig, omdat het bobbelig is, dus misschien ga ik ook wel aan de mueslidozen als het papier op is. Of ze laten drukken als ik lui ben 😛

    1. Dankje! Samen stelen we van Tessa haha, maar ik vond haar idee ook zo goed! Groeipapier is ook gaaf inderdaad, ik heb je kaartje nog in huis geloof ik! Als er meerdere opties goed zijn, vind ik het altijd maar lastig. Beiden mooi!

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