Zero Waste Dry Shampoo

Zero Waste Dry Shampoo

Today I want to share a recipe with you. But not a recipe for in the kitchen. Good for me! Because to be honest, I’m not such a big talent in the kitchen just yet. I barely ever cook. That has to change, but that’s for another time. Today I have a recipe for you for in your hair! I’m talking about: zero waste dry shampoo.

Less is More

I remember the days when I had to wash my hair every single day and use a lot of hair products very well. Looking back now, I see misery. I didn’t even know why I was using all these products in the first place, but because of strong marketing I did think I needed them. My shower and washbasin were stacked with all these products. And so was my head. At the end I was extremely overwhelmed by it. Why didn’t I have the perfect hair that these people in commercials have? At that point I gave all the products away and got back to basics.

Dry Shampoo

The base for me is shampoo. I wrote an article about zero waste shampoo. It’s the only product I currently use (beside this dry shampoo) and I’m also trying to stretch the periods between washing it. I’ve heard: the less often you wash it, the better. Stretching those periods in between can be hard sometimes. My hair gets greasy. And that’s where the dry shampoo recipe comes in, because I don’t always feel like having greasy hair. Especially when I wear it loose. So here’s the recipe for dry shampoo I use to keep my hair fresh in between washing it:

– Organic Cornstarch

– Organic Cinnamon (for the color)

How to Use It

That’s it, ha! I never thought it would be that simple. If you have blonde hair it can be even simpler because then you only have to use the cornstarch (that’s white). But I use cinnamon for the color. I have brown hair and so if I only use cornstarch it can look a bit weird. I just blend the cinnamon and the cornstarch in a small bowl and then put it onto my hair(where it’s most greasy) with a small spoon. Make sure you place the mix at different places in your hair, not at one point. You then blend it in with your fingers, like you normally would when washing your hair. And tadaaa, your hair gets matt again. The shiny glow when your hair is greasy goes away!

I personally use this dry shampoo a lot before I go to sleep, this way my hair is all good in the morning. Corn-starch extracts moist. The amount you need of the dry shampoo depends on how much hair you have. If you have a little bit of the mixture left you can just save it for next time, it doesn’t go bad. This recipe is zero waste when you buy the organic products in cardboard or glass, or even better, at a zero waste store.

Conventional Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo I used before I found out about this zero waste alternative was the dry shampoo from AndrĂ©lon. It’s a spray. Beside that it’s extremely expensive, there are a lot of resources used to make such a spray can. And after use it goes to landfill since it can’t be recycled. Such a waste! I’m also suspicious about the ingredients in the products. Most products that are sprays are not good for your health. When I can I use the rule: if it’s good for the inside, then it must be good for the outside. I would never dare to eat my previous dry shampoo. I would now! Corn-starch and cinnamon. Not my favorite combo, but well.

Do you use zero waste dry shampoo?

Yours sincerely,

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