Zero Waste Lunching

Zero Waste Lunching

You might have read this in the ‘about me‘ section: I’m a student. And as a student, I usually go to school five days of the week. That’s a huge chunk of my time and so I have to eat at school too, just like any other student. We have a fairly okay kanteen at our school and a supermarket nearby, but most of that food is packaged (in plastic). That’s why I’ve been bringing my own lunch box to school since the first day I went there (my mom taught me this zero waste habit), along with my reusable water bottle. Old-fashion? Maybe. But it is a way of zero waste lunching.

Lunch Box

A lunch box is super useful in three ways. One: I take all my food from home and so I don’t produce any waste. Right now, I live with my parents, so they buy most of the groceries and I have no say. But even when they buy all the food packaged it’s still a win, because when they buy a bread in a plastic bag, that’s still less packaging than when I’d buy a single sandwich packaged every day. Anyway, once I move out this problem will be solved. Two: I save money. Because well, buying food in the kanteen every single day is expensive. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. Three: if I bring my own food it’s easier to make healthier food choices. When I bring my own food I am not tempted to buy the fatty things they sell in the kanteen.

Tip: meal-prep like a queen! If you are excited for your lunch, life is just better. A simple sandwich with peanut-butter every single day gets boring after some time (or not! If it’s your favorite). I have some recipes for great lunch ideas, like this recipe for a vegan quinoa salad or this recipe for a vegan grilled cheese sandwich. I usually take salads, sandwiches, nuts and lots of fruits with me.

Don’t Buy New

So, the zero waste tip for today is: bring your own lunch box and start lunching zero waste! I personally am still using my old lunch box. It’s a plastic one unfortunately, but it’s better to use something up than buying something new plastic free. If you don’t have a lunch box yet, I would suggest buying one plastic secondhand, since buying new stuff has the biggest negative impact on our planet. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and isn’t so heavy either.

Yours sincerely,

13 thoughts on “Zero Waste Lunching”

  1. Ik heb een aantal jaren geleden een broodtrommel van bamboe gekocht. Supermooie broodtrommel, maar helaas echt alleen voor brood: beide delen sloten niet zo goed op elkaar, dus dingen als rijst/groente/ei etc kon je er niet echt in meenemen.
    Ik neem dus wel vaak glazen potjes (pindakaaspotjes, andere bakjes) mee met groenten e.d.
    En als ik brood meeneem zowel plastic broodtrommels als die van bamboe (als je die toch al hebt :P). Bij de IKEA hebben ze nu trouwens ook glazen ovenschalen op broodtrommelformaat, wel met een plastic deksel (maar die sluit wel goed af).

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