Zero Waste Vegan Recipe: Risotto

I am going to confess something right away: I’m not the best chef (yet). So now that I’ve made some delicious risotto it is certain: everybody can make this. If I can, you can. The recipe I’m about to share is a good recipe for zero waste cooking. It’s a risotto recipe. And jee, I love risotto. Today I am sharing a zero waste vegan recipe with you: risotto.


The specific recipe I’m sharing today is certainly not mine. All credits go to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal, he wrote the book Veggie! that was gifted to me once. However, I did alter the recipe so that it is vegan and just enough for one person. I don’t live by myself but I’m the only one in our household that eats vegan. I am a big eater and so don’t be amazed by the portion size haha. If it’s the too much for you I see that as a positive thing. You can have it again the next day, for lunch!

Zero Waste Organic Recipe

Today’s post is not specifically about this recipe. It is an example which I personally like but risotto can be altered to your own taste. I am sharing this recipe today because I want to give you examples of easy vegan, organic and zero waste recipes. I want to show you that zero waste, organic and vegan food is delicious and easy. You can even make this dish local by using local ingredients. If you want to know how to make sustainable food choices you can read more about that here.

The Recipe

You need:

  1. 1 organic leek. The best way to buy this zero waste is at the organic farmers market.
  2. 100 grams of organic mushrooms. The best way to buy these zero waste is at the organic famers market.
  3. Organic oil. I used flaxseed oil this time because I like to switch it up each time. However, you can use any type of oil. You can buy oil in glass at an organic supermarket like Ekoplaza. If not, most cities in the Netherlands also have a Oil&Vinegar store where you can tap the oil.
  4. 400ml of organic broth. The Albert Heijn has vegan, organic broth in glass.
  5. 125 grams of risotto rice. If you don’t have a package free grocery store in your area you can order this online at Pieter Pot for delivery in all of The Netherlands. If that’s not an option you can buy organic risotto rice in paper at Ekoplaza.
  6. 75ml of organic white wine. For this one it’s important to buy organic, otherwise it’s usually not vegan. In most supermarkets you can buy organic white wine in glass with an aluminium lid.
  7. Organic salt, peper and thyme. If you don’t have a package free grocery store in your area you can order it Pieter Pot (where you could buy almost all ingredients I think). If that’s not an option you can buy organic herbs in the organic supermarket Ekoplaza. As you can see on the picture below I didn’t use zero waste herbs. That’s because I still live with my parents and have no other options yet.
Zero Waste Vegan Recipe: Risotto

How to Make Risotto

Here’s how to make this risotto (or any other risotto): heat some oil in a pan. Once it’s hot, add the leek (cut in rings). Wait till the leek is soft. Add the risotto rice to the leek and bake along for a few minutes. Then add the organic wine. Wait till the risotto rice soaks up the wine.

Then boil the broth in another pan. Once it boils you add a little bit to the risotto. You wait till that broth is adsorbed by the risotto and then you add a little more. You do this until the rice is cooked properly (but has a little bit of a bite still).

While the risotto cooks, you add some oil in another pan. Here you bake the mushrooms (cut in slices) with some salt and paper. Once the mushrooms and nicely brown and crispy you turn off the heat.

When the risotto is done you add salt and peper and some oil on top. Wait a few minutes while the lid is on the pan. Then stir and add the mushrooms and thyme on top. Tadaaa, you’re done and ready to eat.

Zero Waste Vegan Recipe: Risotto

As I said, you can use whatever you want. Other herbs, other vegetables. Choose whatever you like and then prepare the recipe alike this one. For next time I’m thinking about using pumpkin. Anyhow, enjoy your risotto!

What do you think of this zero waste vegan risotto recipe?

Yours sincerely,

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